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Is this house really empty? Will you wish it was when you find out it's not?

Please leave comments if you have any feedback! I look forward to adding more games to this collection. The game tells it's story through encounters in the darkness. 

I started this project in January, 2020. 


EmptyHouse_BetaV1.1_Mac_.app.zip 189 MB
EmptyHouse_BetaV1.1_Windows.zip 108 MB

Install instructions

- Download the Mac app or Windows zip depending on the OS you are running. Choose a graphics quality settings that right for your machine. 

Development log


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THANK YOU for playing! 

I was kinda expecting a serious game but it's just really weird. Is there actually any game here or just the sort of weird void room with a distorted audio clip in the corner?

There’s a simple puzzle in the second room. But seeing if players can figure it out as-is is part of testing, so thank you for the feedback. There should have been something for you to chase in the dark room. The game will be a series of simple mini games. Thank you for trying it out! 

Ok I solved the puzzle and it looks like that's the end of the game for now, I did manage to glitch out of the house though and I'm pretty sure you could fix that by just using a cube for the walls instead of a plane.

Yeah I did not take the time I needed to make sure you can’t break the game in that area. Top of the list to fix. Thank you again for playing!!!